The Work of Drew Melton

Drew Melton is a designer, lettering aficionado and as he would say “occasional illustrator” based out of our hometown of Los Angeles, California. His divers styles and techniques and general attention to detail put him at Penslinger status in our minds. Check out his site ( for more photos of work in progress and simply put, more awesomeness.

Drew Melton Penslingers

A little history about Drew, highjacked from his website.
Chuck Close once said, “Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up and get to work.”

These words resonate with the method and ideas that Drew has taken on as a designer from day one. His passion for art and design started young and grew with him as he went from boyhood into the bustling world of adult life. He followed his passion and studied graphic design at a highly sought after college of art and design. However, as the years passed his curiosity and longing to do more (and stop twiddling his thumbs) pushed him to leave school and pursue a career as a freelance designer.

Starting Justlucky in 2009, he quickly made a name for himself in the design community. In early 2011 Drew started The Phraseology Project as a way to interact with the world of design on a greater scale and began to fine tune the skill of hand lettering. The more he worked on lettering the more he found his calling. Design and illustration will always be in his ever growing portfolio but lettering, along with his wife Kelsey (and coffee), holds his heart.

Drew has put in the work, continues to put in the work and is constantly humbled by the process. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his beautiful wife and stacks of books, working as a letterer, graphic designer, and occasional illustrator. Though he has moved across the country and changed titles within the design world, his passion still remains.


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