Young Jerks Dan Cassaro

I probably stumbled across a portfolio some four or five years ago that was titled “Young Jerks”. Naturally I had to click on it. Who wouldn’t. After that the name never left my head. At the time vintage style lettering with the slightest touch of texture was on the forefront of trends. Maximalisim was done. Crest where for losers. Young Jerks had the ticket and Dan Cassaro was the conductor. I would describe his style as “No more then is necessary”.I say this in a totally positive way and will briefly explain. Coming from a time when maximalisim and elaborate crests were all the rage, people fell into the thought that more was better. More texture, more flourishes, more, more, more. Some of this still happens today but we try to avoid it as much as possible. Cassaro’s design was a breath of fresh air that used just enough aesthetic to have the right vibe with a timeless design that would be rad then, now and later.

The Studio of Dan Cassaro is a small but scrappy design practice in Brooklyn, New York with a focus on type, lettering, logo design and powerful 70s Rock and Roll.

Dan Cassaro of Young Jerks

About Dan Cassaro: Dan Cassaro is a native new yorker and a frequent Get-The-Hell-Out-of-New-York-er. He was named an ADC young gun in 2011. His works and projects have received accolades from the New Yorker, Fast Company, the New York Times magazine, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, Esquire and many major design and illustration publications.

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