Tanamachi Studio x Burton Snowboards

Over a year in the making, Tanamachi Studios finally released their collaboration with Burton Snowboards for their Winter 2014 Collection. Known for their amazingly beautiful custom lettering in chalk, Tanamachi Studio created the awesome board that you see mixing various styles of typography and generally awesome snow vibes. See what they had to say about the process.

“I’m proud to release my collaboration with Burton Snowboards for their Winter 2014 Collection. In May of last year, I had the opportunity to travel to Burlington, VT to create the artwork on-site at Burton Headquarters. Over a few fun-filled spring days, the type-heavy artwork came to life at roughly 20′ tall, and 2′ wide. I even learned to operate heavy machinery on this install.”

Tanamachi x Burton Snowboards Custom lettering

“My favorite part of our collaboration was getting to write and collect all the copy for this Deja Vu Flying V Women’s board—I wanted to look deeper into the “extreme sport” of snowboarding, and really think about the beauty of swiftly slicing through fresh powder on a winter day; the sounds (or lack thereof) on the mountaintop; the rhythm of an adrenaline rush and the quiet moments of rest and recovery. My hope was that this board would be a representation of the beauty and bravery of the sport. Many thanks to Dennis Healy at Burton, and Marin Horikawa & Dana Sacks at JDK for making this collaboration come to life!”

Take Notes. That’s some serious Penslinging. See more work from Tanamachi Studios and see the snowboard from Burton


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